Don’t Spare the Horses

Our first CD, recorded in a frenzy of enthusiasm at Dougie and Jamie MacLean’s Butterstone studio. This CD is a happy mix of klezmer classics, Balkan and Breton melodies and a few storming originals. Here are the tracks (you can check them out with the mp3 player on the right of this page):

Lev’s Freilachs
Bageliser/Behusher Chosid
The MacGoldberg’s Jig and Reel
Breton Tune/Ajde Jano
Galitzyaner Tantz
Tarras Freilach/Hungarian Groove
Hora no.1/Gankino
Nicolson’s Dilemma
Uncle Elef and Friends
Nifty’s Freilachs/Devotedly Buoyant at Abos

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