About us

This fearless 5-piece emphatically puts the ‘class’ into ‘unclassifiable‘ (The Scotsman)

True originals (The Guardian)

Moishe’s Bagel began in 2003, the lucky accident of an Edinburgh-based Chilean tango singer and four like-minded musicians. A shared love of klezmer, jazz and latin music soon saw us onstage at Henry’s Cellar Bar with a few tunes and a lot of enthusiasm. Since then, the band has regularly toured the UK, Ireland, and the Czech Republic, notching up sellout gigs at the Jazz Cafe, Sage Gateshead, St George’s Bristol, Edinburgh Queens Hall and many many more. Along the way, we have managed to record four CDs, earning us a Songlines Top of the World and Sunday Telegraph top 10 world albums. In 2015, we were invited to compose and perform an original score to the Soviet silent film classic Salt for Svanetia. We toured this to 5 venues in Scotland in October and have now recorded the score for our brand new CD. See the New album page for more details.

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